Mouse MRI


Mouse Radial Arm Maze

Kevin Steed

We use the 8 arm radial arm maze to test the memory of our transgenic mice.  We track the mice using the software AnyMAZE which gives us the total distance, time and number of errors for each mouse’s trials.  Using these methods we hope to better understand the effects of oxidative stress on the development of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as any potential treatments.

Mouse Diet Rescue


Hippocampus Histological Image Analysis

Chandler Cottam

The goal of this project is to investigate the timing of amyloidosis and taopathy with iron dysregulation through Braak stage progression.  In looking at iron deposit patterns in areas of the Hippocampus and comparing those to deposition patterns of other stains such as Aβ and HP-Tau, we are looking for a pattern of co-aggregation through different stages of Braak progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Other areas of interest include comparing those co-aggregation patterns to other diseases such as cardiovascular disease or stroke as they relate to Alzheimer’s Disease. 

TBI in Children

Madi Unson

We are investigating the effects of traumatic brain injury on pediatric brains. Currently, we are analyzing structural volume changes in the cortex, subcortical areas, and ventricles. We will also be mapping hemosiderin deposits to investigate whether hemosiderin can be used as a biomarker for determining the presence of traumatic brain injury and other complications.