Anatomy Academy


Anatomy Academy is a student mentor program where college students teach 5th and 6th graders about anatomy, nutrition, and physiology. Questions were created to ask the mentors Using Fink's and Bloom's taxonomy question were asked the mentors and analyzed by a focus group. The overall research focuses on how to better the learning process by creating better teaching strategies.


Anatomy Lab and Lecture Resources Effectiveness


A university student’s ability to learn and retain information is often influenced by their resources, and their confidence to peer instruct can be seen as a reflection of how well they have learned the material. In an anatomy lab, students often participate in peer instruction settings, and use these settings to prepare and learn material. Students are also given a plethora of media tools to assist them in learning material, in conjunction with open lab times. Often these media resources seem valuable to students in learning material, and may correlatively influence their ability to instruct their peers. This project will determine if supplemental media resources have an  influence on peer instruction. We hypothesize that the amount of time a student spends using the relevant media resources will directly affect their level of confidence in peer instruction settings.